Prepare your Setup

Prepare your setup to eCPPTv2 certification.
Here I will explain my setup, for me, it works. I hope it will work for you too.
We know the basic access is through a VPN I configure my account on a router and connect a switch to It.

Local LAN for Exam Build


This router will connect to my main router and firewall and I will configure the VPN connection to the Lab on it. I can get a more stable connection this way and avoid network/performance problems on the attacker machine.


Just a cheap unmanaged switch to connect all machines needed to perform the exam.

Buffer Overflows - Windows 7

Then I connected my Windows 7 machine dedicated to buffer overflows to the switch and my attack machine. Equipped with Immunity debugger and Mona.
And Ghidra in case I am stuck...

Attack Machine - Kali

Kali machine is fully updated, I know most people don't recommend this. After fully updating I start configuring all the Operating Systems and tools as I like.
I wrote a script to this for me, you can use it:

Cracking Machine - Debian

I've my cracking machine prepared with all wordlists, keys, hashes, rainbow tables, and all the tools needed to create new wordlists.
And is connected to online APIs in case I can't break it at home...

Burp Suite Professional

In case you enjoy burp suite and can't afford it like me I recommend creating a new professional email and subscribing for a new trial. Do this 3 days before the exam to ensure you receive the license key in time.
In 24 hours max in have our key.
Request it at: 01:05
Arrive at:
Ping me on Discord in case you need an email to request your trial.

Nessus Professional

Ok why Nessus? Why Not? I can do it by hand
Arrive 48 Hours later